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 RIM pulls theme with OS6.1 Icons. Here we go again?

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RIM pulls theme with OS6.1 Icons. Here we go again?  Empty
PostSubject: RIM pulls theme with OS6.1 Icons. Here we go again?    RIM pulls theme with OS6.1 Icons. Here we go again?  Icon_minitimeWed Apr 13, 2011 8:18 pm

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Last year the buzz was the now released BB6 OS. And as with all OS leaks it seems, its application icons get leaked and all of us Theme Developers get to work! Who can come out with a theme that has them first! Who can create a theme that emulates the upcoming OS! Who can make that top selling theme with them first! LAst summer. WJD Designs came out with a theme that emulated BB6, icons, menu and all, and it was a top seller. That theme got pulled by RIM and the developer had to 'downgrade" to what became "Five Point Nine". Now here we go again! This time its with BBThemes' "Six Dot X".

Some BB users, according to Blackberry Empire, received an email stating a new update to the current top selling theme was available, but without the 6.1 icons. I have myself purchased this theme and so far, havent received a email. According to the article, the message from the developer states:

"By request of Research In Motion, we have had to remove the 6.1 icons from this theme, this update is a new UI, utilizing the existing OS 6 icons..."

Now as a Theme Developer myself, I can understand the frustration the developer may be feeling. But if it's happened in the past, why repeat it? An attempt at a premium theme that emulates an upcoming OS has never lasted. I believe that RIM's beef isnt really with the use of the icons, but the overall theme itself. Although "there has been word that other developers using the icon set have received the same email", I myself havent as of yet. I edited them. And im not emulating its OS6.1 UI. Could that be the reason? If you think about it, when 6.1 officially gets released, and Theme Studio updates, those icons according to RIM's practices over the years, are fair game. But it only seems to be the themes that emulates the stock UI that gets pulled. I guess we'll see how this one plays out this time around. But my biggest question, why is RIM making a big deal if there are many themes out there emulating the PlayBook OS? Those havent gotten pulled.

But this is why I personally always wait before using leaked RIM icons, and never clone the OS UI. Tweek it, customize it, create my interpretation of it, yeah. IT may not make a theme of mine the top seller, but it stays up and doesnt ruffle RIM's feathers. "Six From 9" is still up!

Now lets see if any other themes using 6.1 icons get pulled by RIM. The saga continues.....
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RIM pulls theme with OS6.1 Icons. Here we go again?
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